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Submission on Ireland 2040 - Our Plan, National Planning Framework

Below you will find PII's submission to the Ireland 2040 - Our Plan issues and concepts paper. Property Industry Ireland outlined the need for a visionary document with clear guiding principles, including the following recommendations:
  1. Clearly define a Vision and Guiding Principles to be followed by Regional Assemblies and Local Authorities in the Regional Spatial and Economic and Local Development Plans
  2. Introduce a mechanism to allow for deviation from the National Planning Framework where it is in the national interest
  3. Distinguish the goals to be achieved through the plan in the short, medium and long-term
  4. Establish a National Zoning Authority to guide and prioritise national development
  5. Focus of growth on key cities of Cork, Waterford, Limerick and Galway, and on Dublin/Belfast corridor towns
  6. Introduce a directly elected Lord Mayor for whole Greater Dublin Area to improve co-ordination on planning and infrastructure matters between the four Local Authorities
  7. Improve co-ordination on planning matters between local authorities and overseen by Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, including through the introduction of directly elected Mayors for Ireland’s key cities
  8. Active engagement, including through guidance and other means, by the Office of the Planning Regulator where increased density/height is needed in Local Authority areas to meet national interests
  9. Introduction of special planning use category for retired/semi-retired population’s needs with aim to promote this sector
  10. Regional Spatial and Economic Plans and Development Plans to take into account changing demographics on house size and required need for smaller units and increased services
  11. Establish an independent National Infrastructure Authority to identify and prioritise areas of spend on infrastructure
  12. Review taxation arrangements of property with aim of ensuring that infrastructure and services are adequately financed proportionate to benefit and how central government fund Local Authority projects
  13. Promotion of speculative construction of commercial and industrial space in key growth cities through ISIF
  14. Engagement with business and civil communities on both sides of the border to ensure minimal disruption due to Brexit
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