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Rental Strategy Response

Property Industry Ireland's submission to the Minister for Housing on Governments Rental Strategy, July 2017.

The main focus of policy interventions must be to maintain existing levels of supply and encourage an increase in supply in the private rented sector.

  1. PII recommends the promotion of a professional Build-to-Rent model for the provision of multi-family units for rent through amendment of design standards and planning to recognise the difference between Built to Rent and Owner Occupation. Specifically, PII recommends that Build-to-Rent be recognised as a separate class within the design and planning regulations.
  2. To avoid negative consequences on the rental stock, PII recommends that situations of “under-renting” in rent pressure zones be addressed as a matter of urgency.
  3. PII recommend that consideration be given to a VAT exemption for investment in the residential market for a finite period of time to increase investor activity immediately
  4. PII recommends Budget 2018 restore 100% interest relief for landlords immediately
  5. PII recommends that the height restriction be increased to 8 stories for apartment units in mixed-type developments in urban locations.
  6. PII recommends that the use of “grey box” for the provision of apartments should be encouraged.
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