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You can download PII’s policy submissions and presentations below.

Planning Functions during the Covid-19 Crisis

25/03/2020 - Attached you will find a letter to the Minister for Housing in relation to Planning Functions during the Covid-19 Crisis

Housing Ireland into the Future

28/01/2020 - Property Industry Ireland’s Housing Policy Position 2020

General Scheme of the Land Development Agency Bill 2019

22/10/2019 - PII contribution to the Pre-Legislative Scrutiny of the General Scheme of the Land Development Agency Bill 2019

PII Submission to SHD Review Group

25/07/2019 - PII Submission to Review of Strategic Housing Developments, July 2019

PII Pre-Budget 2020 Submission

15/07/2019 - Attached you will find the PII Pre-Budget 2020 submission which has been sent to Minister Donohoe, including a summary of recommendations.

Estimating Ireland’s long-run housing demand - April 2019

05/04/2019 - This paper looks at housing demand based on demographic trends and how the projected household demand might divide amongst different types of housing tenure.

PII Study Trip Cambridge 15 and 16 May

25/03/2019 - Register your interest now

Registration of Lobbying on Zoning and Development

11/03/2019 - Please see the attached one-pager to learn more about your obligations to register as lobbying your communications about planning and development

PII Submission on Land Development Agency December 2018

21/01/2019 - PII made a submission to Government and the Oireachts on the new Land Development Agency and its functions.

Submission to Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Help-to-Buy Scheme

06/07/2018 - The attached is the PII submission on Ex-post Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Help-to-Buy Scheme

Submission on National Regeneration and Development Agency

06/07/2018 - PII made a submission to Government on the National Regeneration and Development Agency as outlined in Project Ireland 2040

PII Submission to Review of Vacant Property Tax

06/07/2018 - PII made this submission to the review by Indecon on the issues relating to making provision in law for a tax on vacant residential property

PII Pre-Budget 2019 Submission

02/07/2018 - In our Pre-Budget submission, we identify key actions that would ensure a return to viability and a functioning housing market able to deliver homes for all.

Better housing: improving affordability and supply

18/06/2018 - Joint Ibec/PII report outlines detailed recommendations that the business community believes addresses the root causes of the housing crisis

BCAR – Recommendations for Reform

29/05/2018 - This document seeks to outline some of the key areas for development and reform the current building control system in Ireland

PII January AGM 2018

31/01/2018 - Presentations from the PII AGM can be downlaoded here

Brexit and Ireland’s property sector

04/01/2018 - The report reviews the likely impact of Brexit on the Irish property market, including some significant risks, but also some opportunities.

Property Industry Ireland submission to Rebuilding Ireland Review

11/08/2017 - PII's submission to the review of Government's Housing and Homelessness Action Plan

Pre-Budget 2018 Submission

31/07/2017 - PII's submission to Minister for Finance Donohoe in advance of Budget 2018

Rental Strategy Response

20/07/2017 - Property Industry Ireland's submission to the Minister for Housing on Governments Rental Strategy, July 2017.

Submission on Ireland 2040 - Our Plan, National Planning Framework

31/03/2017 - PII's submission to the Ireland 2040 - Our Plan issues and concepts paper, March 2017

Tax Treatment of Rental Income

02/03/2017 - The attached paper outlines key issues for taxation and the Residential Rental Sector

Rebuilding Ireland Update February 2017

21/02/2017 - Documents updating on progress to Rebuilding Ireland Actions (members only)

PII Briefing on Rental - presentation slides

01/02/2017 - Click here to access the slides from PII's Briefing on Rental on 1 February 2017 (members only)

PII AGM 1 December 2016 - Presentations

01/12/2016 - The presentations from the PII Chairman, PII DIrector and four policy committees can be downloaded here.

Delivering "Rebuilding Ireland"

07/09/2016 - Property Industry Ireland Pre-Budget 2017 Submission

Central Bank mortgage rules submission

01/09/2016 - New research points to social cost of Central Bank mortgage rules being high

Policy Reform to Increase the Supply of New Housing

27/06/2016 - Policy Reform to Increase the Supply of New Housing

Property Issues for the First 100 Days of Government

22/03/2016 - Property Issues for the First 100 Days of Government

Housing Manifesto

09/11/2015 - Property Industry Irelands proposed manifesto for housing for Election 2016

PII Membership Brochure

20/10/2015 - Information on the activities and services of Property Industry Ireland and Ibec.

Investing in Social Housing

09/10/2014 - The following paper outlines various means of increasing the supply of social housing in Ireland

The Cost of Construction in Ireland: A European comparison (2014)

09/06/2014 - A comparison of the cost of commercial construction in Ireland and Europe

A National Spatial and Development Plan for Ireland

14/05/2014 - This submission highlights how an integrated national spatial and development plan can improve quality of life, maintain Ireland’s economic competitive edge and promote sustainable growth

Delivering Ireland's Property Needs

14/02/2014 - What reforms are needed to deliver Ireland’s property needs?

Towards National Property Strategy

16/10/2013 - Moving the Sector Forward in a Collaborative and Sustainable Manner

Planning a Better Future

19/06/2012 - a report on reform of the Irish Planning System

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