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Housing Ireland into the Future

What are the Property and Construction sector’s key asks from the 32nd Government and 33rd Dáil of Ireland?

1.Prepare a long-term housing plan in collaboration with industry and civil society
  • Resulting in a more informed response in the supply of social and affordable housing.

2.Ensure viable and affordable rents for every stage of life
  • Stop the exodus of landlords. Between 2012 and 2018, over 39,000 landlords left the rental market. Build more social housing and reform taxation of landlords.

3.Support the delivery of affordable new homes
  • Only 45% of the cost of delivering a new home is accounted for by the build cost. Make more state land available for private development, and introduce a state backed shared equity scheme and bridging finance scheme.

4.Encourage the use of modern methods of construction
  • Government should support innovation in the sector by using modern construction methods as part of social housing public procurement.

5.Be ambitious with infrastructure investment
  • Establish a national infrastructure commission to advise on infrastructure priorities, and provide sufficient financial support to allow state utility providers to carry out their functions, in particular Irish Water.
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