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A National Spatial and Development Plan for Ireland

Ireland’s National Spatial Strategy and National Development Plan were products of a different economic era.

In many cases, their visions for Ireland were contradictory, inflexible and administratively burdensome. The plans became subject to political considerations and did not properly respond to the changing requirements of those seeking to invest in Ireland. As Ireland moves into growth, it is an opportune moment to nurture that growth through a new National Spatial and Development Plan for Ireland.

The Government has recognised that Ireland’s physical infrastructure needs to be in place, so that businesses and people can live, communicate and trade. Property is part of Ireland’s infrastructure.

If Ireland wishes to become the best small country in the world in which to do business, a number of policy reforms must take place. While some require legislative change, many simply require administrative reform.

This submission highlights how an integrated national spatial and development plan can improve quality of life, maintain Ireland’s economic competitive edge and promote sustainable growth.
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