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Commercial property

As many different types of housing there are, there are equally different types of commercial properties. These are the places we go to work, do business and shop. And in each of these different types, different requirements are needed for different tenants. Whether its different levels of fit-out needed by businesses, to options to expand if a business grows, a competitive commercial market needs to be flexible and given the length of time to deliver commercial property, strategically thought out.

Commercial property comes in a number of broad areas:

Retail is one of the most common business types in Ireland. Whether it is the local corner shop or a multi-national clothing chain, on a busy shopping street in a town centre or unit in a shopping complex, there are different needs that need to be met.

Industrial commercial property includes factories and other industrial locations. These properties are often built to special requirements depending on their use – the needs of a high technology pharmaceutical firm will not be the same as warehousing and distribution for online sales.

Commercial offices are required by the vast majority of businesses in Ireland, whether it is in the professional services industry, or to support the administrative work of more industrial focussed businesses.
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