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About property

Property is the built environment around us. We all need homes to live in, places to go to work. From office buildings and factories, to shops and homes, we all interact with property on a daily basis. Buildings last many years and even centuries and for this reason it is important to have an overall national strategy for property to meet the needs of the state and its citizens.

The property market is complex, given the length of time it takes to deliver buildings and the large sums of money involved in getting construction completed. There are also many different stakeholders involved in the delivery of property, from professionals who design and plan development, and construction experts who build property, to funding bodies such as banks and investors, and agents who sell and manage properties, to developers who have a vision and guide all these actors through the the process.

There are also many public bodies involved in the process of property delivery, from local authorities who draw up City and County Development Plans and central government who set out the main policy aims, and even the European Union who sets standards such as for construction products. Government is also central to delivering key infrastructure in facilitating property development, from roads and water to broadband and public transport.
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