"Making Cities Work" - PII Conference 2014

The PII Annual Conference took place at The Marker hotel on 19 June. The agenda for the event can be found below.

Session 1: Investing in Our Cities
Peter Stafford
Director, Property Industry Ireland
Dancing at the Crossroads:
Ireland’s Move to an Urban Country
Jim O’Keeffe
Chairman, Irish Mortgage Council
Who is Buying?
Insights from the Irish mortgage market
Robert Fowlds
Vice-Chairman, Real Estate IB, JP Morgan Cazenove
Who is Investing?
Current trends in the REIT sector in the UK and Europe
Nick Ashmore
Deputy Director, National Treasury Management Agency
Introducing the Irish Strategic Investment Fund
Sir Edward Lister
Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor, Policy and Planning
Greater London Authority
How do we create success beyond the centre?
Lessons from London
Session 2: Designing Our Cities
Andrew Griffin
Director and Founder
Urban Agency
Sustainable design in Ireland:
Spending less and getting more for it
Volker Buscher
Director and Practice Leader, IT and Communication Systems,
Arup Smart Cities
How the city’s digital economy is now part of place-making
Frank Lee
Head of Financial Instruments, Western Europe,
European Investment Bank
Investing in Irish infrastructure and property:
The role of the EIB
Tom Bloxham MBE
Chairman and co-founder, UrbanSplash
Making an Urban Splash!

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